Earlobe Refresh

If you’ve fallen victim to unattractive earlobes (you know, flat and droopy, making it impossible to wear the latest earring styles) due to collagen loss and years of dangling, flirty earrings then this could be the right treatment for you!

A natural part of aging is the loss of collagen in our skin (including our earlobes), which makes it lose elasticity and structure. The solution to thinning earlobes that make it impossible to wear the latest earring styles is the use of hyaluronic acid* products to plump and restore the earlobe to its previous youthful appearance.

One treatment is all that is necessary and there is very little social or professional downtime. The results can last several years to give you that youthful ear appearance, and allow you to reopen your jewelry box. Side effects are minor and may include temporary redness, tenderness, swelling, firmness, lumps, and bruising. These symptoms typically resolve in less than two weeks. An individualized treatment plan is discussed during a complimentary consultation, which also includes a review of all fees.

Before / After