Dysport is among the most popular aesthetic treatment available to safely, quickly and effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles caused by facial expression. Naturally beautiful, subtle results.

Dysport is a highly requested FDA approved medication that temporarily improves the look of moderate to severe lines. Dysport is a neuromodulator, which works to block nerve signals telling muscles to contract. When the treated muscles are effectively relaxed, the overlying skin is able to smooth out and reveal fewer facial lines.

Dysport is an extremely popular treatment that has predictable results. There is no social or work downtime when you have a Dysport treatment and it helps men and women to appear less stressed, tired, angry, or tense in their facial expressions. In this busy world, a more receptive, open and engaging expression goes a long way in personal and professional communication. Consider this treatment if you’re hoping to receive a subtle treatment with big results.

We make treatment recommendations based on many factors, including your static (at rest) facial expressions, lifestyle, interests, age, and previous treatment history. We pride ourselves in years of experience in facial aesthetics and advanced training with Dysport. Schedule a consultation for a full discussion about how Dysport can help you and to receive a cost estimate based on your aesthetic goals.

When injected into small muscle groups, Dysport blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscles. This action temporarily limits muscle activity for up to four months, which reduces the appearance of expression lines.

You can expect a reduction in the appearance of deep lines to begin within 2-3 days. Side effects are minimal and may include temporary pain or irritation at the injection site and headache, which generally disappear on their own within a few days. Results from using Dysport usually last up to 4 months and repeating the treatment regularly produces results that are comparable to previous treatments. This means that if you like the way that you look after using Dysport, you can achieve these results over and over to maintain your preferred aesthetic appearance.

A treatment takes as little as 20 minutes and you’ll experience no social or professional downtime. Many people find the treatment much less intensive than they had anticipated and wish they had tried Dysport sooner.

In our practice, it is an important philosophy of patient care to take time to get to know you before suggesting any treatments. Before the procedure, we dedicate time to get to know a patient’s interests, lifestyle and medical history. By knowing you better, we can individualize each treatment to maximize results based on the appearance of your facial expression lines and your personal aesthetic goals.