What we love about Cosmelan? Suitable for all skin types. Extremely safe. Rapid and easy depigmentation process. Very effective in treating all types of hyperpigmentation and skin discolorations. Rejuvenates and increase luminosity. Complexion brightening.

Cosmelan is a professional, topical treatment that targets all types of skin discoloration and uneven pigmentation issues. It significantly reduces and eliminates brown patches by blocking the skins biological process which causes these discolorations. We have coveted this innovative treatment for years! Its time has come.
Cosmelan® is a “Power-Level” skin rejuvenation treatment for particularly stubborn and dense pigmentation. Cosmelan’s synergistic ingredients work very quickly, resulting in a fast, effective blending and elimination of undesirable pigment. Cosmelan regulates the melanin activity, causing the pigment producing cells to slow down their over-production and function in a more uniform way.

Cosmelan mask application is an in-office treatment. The mask initiates the lightening process and begins the breakup of the pigmentation. The mask is worn for a period of time after leaving the office (depending upon your skin type and condition). Simple home care maintenance to continue the lightening process and inhibit further skin discoloration begins the following day.

Before / After

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