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Verve Aesthetic | Quincy, IL | Paige C. Holt, MD & Glori Traeder, CNP
We recognize the differences in cosmetic goals between men and women. You can count on our experience and insight to assist in reducing the signs of facial aging for men who wish to maintain a masculine and natural-looking appearance.

Our philosophy is to go straight to the science and rely on proven results when making recommendations for our male clients. Some of the best cosmetic procedures can be done during lunch hour and these quick fixes can minimize the signs of aging (mostly due to sun damage) that are commonly seen in men.

And in the competitive world we live in, looking relaxed and composed goes a long way. You’re aging, it happens. Don’t apologize for taking care of yourself. You can get this stuff done without looking like you’ve had stuff done.

BOTOX® Cosmetic

Quick. Reliable. No Downtime. Discreet. Natural Results.

There has been a 325% increase in men’s BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments since 1997. Currently 1 in 10 BOTOX® patients are men. Treatment with BOTOX® takes approximately 10 minutes and results in minimal downtime or recovery, which makes it possible to get back to your life with little interruption. Our expertise helps you keep your facial expressions, but smooth the lines around your eyes and between your brows. This procedure helps you look rested, even if you’re burning the candle at both ends.


Quick. Reliable. No Downtime. Discreet. Natural Results.

Dysport® is another highly effective solution for facial aging and smoothing of facial wrinkles and lines with no social or work downtime. Men who are looking for solutions to appear less stressed out, tired, mad or tense will want this treatment. And in this busy world, appearing more receptive, open, and engaging goes a long way in customer perception and business interactions.


Quick. Permanent. Natural Results. Non-Surgical.

This double chin-blasting treatment is one of the most popular among professional men. Often found to be a family characteristic, Kybella® removes the fullness in the chin through the use of deoxycholic acid, a chemical produced in the body to help absorb fats. When injected into the fat below the chin, known as submental fat, it destroys fat cells, which are then reabsorbed and removed by the body. The average treatment lasts 30 minutes and 2-4 treatments are typically needed to effectively eliminate the appearance of double chin. Added popularity for this treatment comes from it having minimal downtime and being an in-office procedure, which avoids the cost and recovery of surgery.

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Verve Aesthetic | Quincy, IL | Paige C. Holt, MD & Glori Traeder, CNP
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