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Flowers leave some of their fragrance in the hand that bestows them Chinese Proverb

The LOOK of spring this year is fresh-faced.  Chemical peels are a beauty bestseller! It’s time to toss away your heavy foundation and brighten up for summer. Indulge yourself!

Spring brings all things new – and with that in mind, why not renew your skin with a professional chemical peel?

More than 1.3 million chemical peels were performed in 2016, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. They’ve been around for a long time and have recently been enjoying a resurgence according to the stats. Peels also cost a fraction of what laser treatments do, they’re reliable, safe, effective, predictable and cost effective!

Peels provide a multitude of skin benefits. Consider having a chemical peel if you’d like to improve texture, accelerate skin cell turnover, improve your skin’s ability to hold moisture, promote collagen production, reduce fine lines and discoloration, unclog pores and help clear up acne.  And gone are the days when chemical peels left your skin raw and painful. Refined techniques have made options better and more tailored to individual needs. Treatments are low-risk, even for sensitive skin.

There are chemical peels for every type of skin – milder peels for minor skin imperfections with little downtime. The strongest peels can help with fine lines and wrinkles, with exfoliation (peeling) for up to a week after. Chemical peels are selected based upon the condition of your skin, your concerns and the amount of downtime you can allocate.

Peels provide a more radiant and youthful appearance. They can also make your skin and skin care products work better. After a peel, there are no dead skin cells blocking product penetration.

And peels just aren’t for the face!  With proper selection, chemical peels may improve the appearance of the neck and décolleté.  Noticeable skin improvements may be seen with just one peel – and even better results with a recommended series. After a peel, your skin can be more sensitive to sunlight so be sure to continue your SPF use. And before a peel, it is recommended to stop using products with retinol for about three days prior.

Make spring your best skin correction season, get glowing with visible results!

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